Amnesty International


Amnesty International recognized the need to onboard and cultivate a younger set of active members and donors. But younger audiences required a different approach than the usual direct mail appeal. They needed to be engaged on a deeper, more active level. And because this audience doesn’t have the money to spare, they needed to be given a way in that didn’t depend on asking for donations.

By providing an outlet for ongoing engagement, allowing them to be part of actionable change, they were more likely to become regularly involved in the organization, thereby building a relationship with Amnesty that could carry on throughout their adult lives. We developed a campaign platform that positioned them as a “Rights Fighter.” The Website and App provides an outlet for them to sign petitions and get updates on their action items anytime, anywhere – while grassroots movements were built online and offline to capture and keep their excitement.

Art Direction & Design: Website & App, Social Media, Direct Marketing, PR Event Design